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The Informed Vermonter is a non-profit website with a simple objective. It seeks to help fellow Vermonters become better informed so they can be more discerning voters.

  • What does the government of the State of Vermont do?
  • How much money does the government spend?
  • Where does the government get its money?
  • How does the State of Vermont compare to the rest of the country?

Recent Posts

COVID-19 Pandemic: 13. Fiscal Impact on the Federal Government

The Informed Vermonter has long wondered when the country would begin to worry about consistent and unsustainable federal deficits and the resulting mountain of...

COVID-19 Pandemic: 12. Fiscal Impact on Vermont

The government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, both at the state and federal level, required higher spending and will result in lower revenues.  Basically,...

COVID-19: 11. Economic Impact on Vermont

In April, the unemployment rate in Vermont went from 3.1% to 16.5%. Nothing like this has happened since the Great Depression. This article will discuss...

COVID-19 Pandemic: 10. Vermont’s Public Health Impact

Vermont’s response to the coronavirus pandemic was decisive in the lockdown phase and cautious in the reopening.  From a pure public health perspective, this...

COVID-19: 9. State of Vermont Response

Within our system of government, responsibility for public health lies mostly on the shoulders of state and local governments.  Given the current Administration’s reluctance...