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The Informed Vermonter is a non-profit website with a simple objective. It seeks to help fellow Vermonters become better informed so they can be more discerning voters.

  • What does the government of the State of Vermont do?
  • How much money does the government spend?
  • Where does the government get its money?
  • How does the State of Vermont compare to the rest of the country?

Recent Posts

Government Structure: 3. The US Legislative Branch

The US congress consists of the Senate, with 100 members (two from each state) and the House of Representatives, with 435 members. While the...

Government Structure: 2. The US Executive Branch

The Executive Branch of the federal government consists of the office of the President and Vice President, the Executive Office of the President (the...

Government Structure: 1. The US Constitution

In addition to being a federal republic, the US is also a constitutional democracy. The US constitution is even shorter than the Vermont constitution....

Education: 10. Fiscal Year 2017 Infrastructure Update

Vermont's Staff to Student Ratio According to the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report for Fiscal-Year 2017, Vermont had 22,500 “Local Government Education Employees”, or public school...

Education: 9. Update on Vermont’s Comparative Cost of Education

On October 20, 2017, The Informed Vermonter published a summary of Vermont’s per pupil pre-K through12 education expenditures and compared them to the same...