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The Informed Vermonter is a non-profit website with a simple objective. It seeks to help fellow Vermonters become better informed so they can be more discerning voters.

  • What does the government of the State of Vermont do?
  • How much money does the government spend?
  • Where does the government get its money?
  • How does the State of Vermont compare to the rest of the country?

Recent Posts

Human Services: 6. Social Services and Financial Assistance

In addition to managing Vermont’s healthcare programs, the Agency of Human Services provides most of Vermont’s social services and financial assistance programs via the...
Human Services

Human Services: 5. Vermont’s Healthcare Spending Trends

Healthcare spending, principally Medicaid, is the single largest annual expense of the Vermont state government.  In fiscal year 2018, total Medicaid spending was $1.68...
Vermont Employee Retirement Benefits

Vermont Employee Retirement Benefits: 4. Vermont’s Pension and Other Post-Employment Benefit Liabilities 2018

The Vermont state government’s largest set of liabilities relate to pensions and other post-employment benefits.  Over the last two years, these liabilities and their...

Taxes: 7. Vermont’s 2019 Tax Code Changes

The State government made a number of changes to Vermont’s tax code in 2018, some of which related to the federal Tax Cut and...

Taxes: 6. Vermont’s 2018 State Tax Bonanza

Following a small decline in tax revenues in fiscal year 2017, Vermont’s tax revenues shot up sharply in fiscal year 2018.  Total tax revenues...