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The Informed Vermonter is a non-profit website with a simple objective. It seeks to help fellow Vermonters become better informed so they can be more discerning voters.

  • What does the government of the State of Vermont do?
  • How much money does the government spend?
  • Where does the government get its money?
  • How does the State of Vermont compare to the rest of the country?

Recent Posts

Key Facts & Figures: 8. Vermont’s Housing Market/Property Taxes

Vermont and its towns rely on property taxes to i) provide for many of the operating and maintenance costs of municipalities, and ii) fund...
The Wealth of Nations - Adam Smith

Key Facts & Figures: 7. Vermont’s Housing Market

According to the US Census Bureau, Vermont had 335,224 housing units in 2017 with a median value of $218,900.  Approximately 70% of these housing...
The Wealth of Nations - Adam Smith

Key Facts & Figures: 6. Vermont’s Recent Economic Performance

Vermont’s economic performance continued to improve nicely in 2018.  This article will review key economic performance indicators, including employment, wages, house prices and total...
Revenue and Expenditures

Revenues & Expenditures: 8. Vermont’s 2017 Federal Grants

In fiscal year 2017, 34% of Vermont’s total state government revenues were federal grants. These grants are the single largest source of revenue for...

Vermont’s 2018 Elections: State Senate and House Races

Vermont has 30 State Senators and 150 State Representatives and all of them are subject to this year’s elections. The overall status of these...