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The Informed Vermonter is a non-profit website with a simple objective. It seeks to help fellow Vermonters become better informed so they can be more discerning voters.

  • What does the government of the State of Vermont do?
  • How much money does the government spend?
  • Where does the government get its money?
  • How does the State of Vermont compare to the rest of the country?

Recent Posts

COVID-19 Pandemic: 12. Fiscal Impact on Vermont

The government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, both at the state and federal level, required higher spending and will result in lower revenues.  Basically,...
Commerce & Community Development

COVID-19: 11. Economic Impact on Vermont

In April, the unemployment rate in Vermont went from 3.1% to 16.5%. Nothing like this has happened since the Great Depression. This article will discuss...

COVID-19 Pandemic: 10. Vermont’s Public Health Impact

Vermont’s response to the coronavirus pandemic was decisive in the lockdown phase and cautious in the reopening.  From a pure public health perspective, this...
Government Structure- The Vermont Constitution

COVID-19: 9. State of Vermont Response

Within our system of government, responsibility for public health lies mostly on the shoulders of state and local governments.  Given the current Administration’s reluctance...

COVID-19 Pandemic: Federal Government Response. 8. Federal Reserve Bank

There’s a very thin line between fear and greed. As March 2020 unfolded, the financial markets began to unravel.  Investors of all stripes simply wanted...