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Human Services: 1.Vermont’s Total 2016 Human Services Expenditures

Human Services: 1.Vermont’s Total 2016 Human Services Expenditures

The Agency of Human Services, with audited expenditures of $2.4 billion in fiscal year 2016, is the single largest source of state government expenditures representing 43% of the total.

It is also the largest recipient of federal grants, which totaled almost $1.5 billion. Taking into account federal grants and service revenues, the net cost to Vermont taxpayers was $889.9 million, or 30% of total state tax revenues.

The Agency for Human Services administers all of Vermont’s health care, chiefly Medicaid, all mental health services and most welfare programs through the Children and Family Services Department. It also manages the Vermont corrections system and the Vermont Veterans’ Home.

As noted above, total audited expenditures were $2.41 billion in fiscal year 2016. The budgeted expenditures for fiscal year 2016 totaled $2.36 billion, as follows:


Agency of Human Services Budget: Fiscal-Year 2016


Department Amount ($ millions)
Central Office 31.1
Vermont Health Access 1,136.5
Health 146.9
Mental Health 217.2
Green Mountain Care Board 9.1
Children & Family Services 388.8
Disability, Aging & Independent Living 256.6
Corrections 155.3
Vermont Veterans’ Home 21.0
Governor’s Commission on Women 0.4
Retired Senior Volunteer Program 0.2
Total 2,363.1

Source: Governor’s 2017 Executive Budget Recommendation


The actual audited expenditures in fiscal year 2016 were 2.2% higher than the budgeted amounts.

In the following sections, The Informed Vermonter will review the operations of the Agency of Human Services in detail, with a principal focus on health care and welfare.






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