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Education: 4. Vermont’s Education Infrastructure

Education: 4. Vermont’s Education Infrastructure

The chart below summarizes the total number of public schools, the total number of education administrative entities and the total number of teachers in the Vermont education system.

 Vermont’s K-12 Education Infrastructure

  2015/2016 School Year 2014/2015 School Year Publically Funded Students Per: 2015/2016 Publically Funded Students Per: 2014/2015
Publically Funded Students 88,854 88,816
Public Schools 301 303
Technical Centers 15 15
Approved Independent Schools & Programs 139 126
Total Schools 455 444 195.3 200.0
Total School Districts 268 273
Supervisory Unions 45 45
Technical Center School Districts 3 3
Joint Contract Schools 6 5
Gores & Unincorporated Towns 9 9
Total Public Education Governing/Admin. Entities 331 335 268.4 265.1
Superintendents 57
Principals 309
Vocational/Tech. Directors 25
Business Managers 64
Special Education Directors 84
Total Public School Administrators   539   164.7
Teachers   8,370   10.6
School Boards   285   311.6

Source: Vermont Agency of Education 2017 Budget Book

Key Observations

Vermont Has More Teachers Per Pupil Than Any State in the USA: As noted above, Vermont has only 10.6 pupils for every teacher, the lowest ratio in the USA. According to the National Education Association, the US average is 15.9, or 33% higher.

Vermont has a High Level of Administrative Infrastructure: According to the National Education Association, Vermont has the lowest student enrollment in the country but ranks number 20 with respect to the number of school districts.

Vermont has Small Schools: Vermont has an average of 195 pupils per school. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the US average is 477.

All this Infrastructure Costs Money: At just about $21,000, Vermont’s education cost per pupil is the highest in the country. According to the National Education Association, the US average education cost per pupil was $11,709 in 2015.



  1. Yes, we have a lot of schools and school districts – this is because the Vermont Constitution states that every town ought to have a school!


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