Vermont’s 2018 Elections: Statewide Races


Every two years, Vermonters elect a Governor, Lt. Governor. State Treasurer, Auditor, Attorney General and Secretary of State. This article will review these races, beginning with the most important.

Vermont’s Next Governor

Phil Scott, the Republican incumbent, is running to be re-elected as Governor. He faces lots of competition.

Five Democrats are competing to be nominated to run for Governor. James Ehlers, the Executive Director of the water quality advocacy group Lake Champlain International has reported $50,000 of campaign contributions. Christine Hallquist, the former CEO of Vermont Electric Co-Op, has raised $112,000. Brenda Siegal, the Director of Southern Vermont Dance Festival, has raised about $14,000. Another Democratic contenders is Ethan Sonneborn, a 14-year old who has thus far raised $1,700 for his bid to become the next Governor of Vermont. Last, John Rogers is running as a write-in in the Democratic primary.  He evidently missed the filing deadline to be included on the ballot.

Keith Stern, a businessman, is running as a Republican against Phil Scott. Among other areas of disagreement, Mr. Stern opposes the gun reforms put into place in 2018 and is opposed to the Affordable Care Act. Keith Stern has reported campaign contributions of $58,000.

Phil Scott has thus far raised more campaign funding than any other candidate. His campaign has reported total contributions of $191,000.

Independent candidates have until August 9th to register to run for statewide offices. So far, two candidates have registered to run for governor. Cris Ericson, a member of the US Marijuana Party, has registered to run as an Independent. She has also registered to run for the US Congress. Cris has run for office many times in the past. Stephen Marx has registered to run for Governor as a member of the Earth Rights Party. He supports a constitutional amendment to protect the “rights of nature”.

Vermont’s Other Executive Branch Offices

There are another five statewide government offices up for grabs in November. The incumbents, all of whom are Democrats, are running for re-election for all five positions. A single Republican candidate has registered to run in each of these races and no Independent candidates have yet emerged. The chart below summarizes these contests.

Candidates for Other Executive Branch Offices

Office Incumbent Party Challenger Party
Lt. Governor David Zuckerman Dem. Don Tucker Jr. Rep.
State Treasurer Beth Pearce Dem. H. Brooke Paige Rep.
Secretary of State Jim Condos Dem. H. Brooke Paige Rep.
Auditor of Accounts Doug Hoffer Dem. H. Brooke Paige Rep.
Attorney General TJ Donovan Dem. H. Brooke Paige Rep.

Source: Vermont Secretary of State

It would appear that Mr. H. Brooke Paige is serving as the placeholder for the Republican Party in Vermont. In addition to the four statewide offices he is running in, he has also registered to compete in the US Senate and House of Representative contests as well.


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